COMPAS Onboard Work & Rest module is a hybrid solution with an onboard module that synchronizes data  with a cloud based management environment.


It helps commercial vessels to record, monitor, analyze and maintain records of work and rest hours of seafarers in compliance with rules laid down by various regulations such as STCW95, ILO, MLC and OPA90. Since all the data captured onboard is available on shore, it allows shipping companies to proactively monitor ships’ compliance status and receive prompt alerts on violations.


Work hour record keeping is now mandatory, and due to the complexity of the rules, it is almost impossible to manage without the aid of such a program. Failure to maintain the work hour records of individual seafarers could result in difficulties with Port State Control, and could result in penalties and possible ship detention.


· Low Monthly Subscription with no high upfront purchase/capex involved.

· Simple licensing: One vessel license covers any number of users onboard

· Professionally managed solution, maintenance and  support.

· One click backup of data

· Designed to be used in a networked, multi-user environment by default

· Requires very low computing resources and hence can run on almost any available PC onboard

· Onboard data gets synchronized to the cloud based management interface.

· HQ users can login and monitor records with big picture reports and drill down to details

· Daily email alerts on violations


· Allows work hour records to be maintained, to demonstrate compliance with international regulations either by seafarer itself or, trough a definable hierarchy, by head of department.

· Print out individual work hour records with calculated totals, according to the official IMO/ILO format.

· Checks compliance for actual as well as projected planned work, with all different work hour regimes defined by ILO, as well as STCW 95.

· Checks compliance with complex rules, difficult to calculate manually.

· Maintains and produces Shipboard Working Hours arrangements schedule as required by IMO/ILO rules and Port State Control inspection to be posted onboard.

· Option to track watchkeeping , work,  overtime and rest records.

· For any violation seafarer or Master can enter root cause and comments.

· Views for individual records on full month or day records of all crew

· Bulk entry screen for multiple crew same period or one crew, multiple days, same interval

· Option to lock past records automatically

· Can take into account change in time zones and crossing of international dateline

work and rest hours

*Also available integrated in the COMPAS suite